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Xyngular is a company that hasnt been around for very long - just a few years - but has become a major player in the ever growing Health and Wellness Industry; an estimated $500 Billion per year industry and growing. It is said the Heath and Wellness Industry could exceed $545 Billion in yearly sales by the year 2014. These figures put Xyngular on solid ground to build a strong, growing, global business.


 Xyngular is a business that sells a line-up of health and wellness nutritional products through a direct sales, or network marketing business model.  This type of sales model is becoming increasingly more popular where distributors develop global sales organizations and get paid commissions through a variety of compensation plans, bonuses and incentives.

Xyngular ignite

Xyngulars Corporate Offices are located in American Fork Utah.  They officially began doing business in December of 2009 and they currently have over 20,000 distributors and reps in the company.   This classifies Xyngular as a company that is in the "ground floor" stage of growth.  Typically companies go through four stages of growth; formulation, concentration, momentum and stability.  Xyngular would be classified as a company that is in the formulation stage. And if what theyve done thus far is considered formulation, it will be exciting to see how they grow in the concentration, and momentum stages!

What makes Xyngular unique is its Compensation Plan that rewards people for their effort but also allows them to participate in the success of the entire company.  Xingular stands out, compared to other Health and Wellness MLM business compensation plans. This is another aspect of this business that has been expertly developed because of the quality leadership at the top. And again, it makes the future look bright for this company.

Like most other network marketing companies, this

Xyngular Review

discovered a number of ways to profit from marketing the company's well thought out plans, which include:

1.     Retail Profits 2.     Eight Levels of Residual Income 3.     Four Levels of Rapid Rewards on Initial Distributor Sales 4.     Quick Start Bonuses 5.     12% of Monthly Sales Volume to Corporate Sales Pools


As far as their products go, Xyngular sells a line up of nutritional products. The

first product

is called


– Fuel For Life.


is a mood balancing, high energy blend of all-natural ingredients designed to boost your energy and help you achieve your weight loss goals. Some benefits of "Xyng" include appetite reduction, increased energy, mental energy and an overall sense of well-being


second product

is actually a pack of four products called


. These products include Accelerate (which helps your body burn calories), Flush (which is a detox and cleanse product), Lean (which is a protein smoothie product) and Cheat (which helps eliminate calories from the foods you eat).


third product

is the

Super Fruit Global Blend

that is a combination of some of the most powerful super fruits in the world. 


fourth product

is called XypStix. 


(pronounced “Zip Sticks”) are a portable, single-serve packet of the company’s Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals. XypStix have all of the benefits of the Super Fruit Global Blend, but with the addition of two ingredients: Aloe Vera and Xanthones. Aloe and Xanthones are thought to help reduce inflammation in the body

Xyngular also has a complete weight loss product called the


FAT BURNING SYSTEM. It's a simple, easy-to-follow 8 day program that will transform your body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine by kick starting the body’s metabolism and burning away the stored fat on your body rather than just the calories you eat. When followed properly, the "


FAT BURNING SYSTEM will help people lose up to 15 pounds in just 8 days!

I must conclude this

Xyngular Review

by saying that I'm very impressed with the growth, management, products, (especially


- Fuel for Life), and the compensation plan of


Xyngular has strong leadership, guided by leaders that have had many successful years in Multi-Level Marketing.  I honestly believe they are on their way to the top.